About Us

ii5 is a software development company that is committed to digital transformation across multiple sectors particularly in Asian markets. It was founded by a team of experienced tech entrepreneurs in Hong Kong in 2013 and its operations have been primarily focused on transforming Hong Kong and Indian real estate markets through technology.

Combining entrepreneurial vision with data-driven industry insights, programming expertise and creative flair, ii5 boasts an unrivaled track record for innovation in real estate technology. Having previously established Okay.com as Hong Kong’s most responsive and transparent online property agency, in 2015 the company launched 1Group, a mobile application technology platform that helps realtors in India to communicate with customers and agents to close deals more efficiently.

ii5 also provides software consultancy services to corporates and entrepreneurs on tech-led business solutions including development of mobile applications and other web-based software. ii5 continues to drive transformative projects in developed and emerging Asian markets and build a culture of innovation, transparency and growth that harnesses possibilities for individual and collaborative achievement.